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Lieu: Séoul, Seoul, Corée du Sud
ID de l'offre 9793320
Date de publication: 03/13/2019

External Medical & Scientific engagement

1. Build, enhance and maintain the engagement with scientific leaders (Key External Experts, KEEs)

  • 60% of time in field engaging HCPs and external stakeholders across territory and brands
  • Proactively identify HCPs with high levels of scientific expertise in local treatment practice to collaborate on specific cross functional activities
  • Development and implementation of KEE engagement plan in collaboration with MAM/line manager and TA lead. Review with MAM/line manager every quarter, develop KEE visit plan- this includes pre-call visit/engagement plan with clear objective of the visit, key points discussion for the visit, data to be shared and discussed with KEE.
  • Develop own scientific knowledge for discussion on all aspects of the data to be shared with KEE in a scientific, objective and balanced way through 1:1 discussions. Prepare for such interactions with peer group discussions. Respond to unsolicited requests for information about unapproved AZ products or unapproved uses of approved products, presenting such information in an objective, scientifically balanced, substantiated manner. Develop KEE database and also provide recommendations for advisory board participation
  • Provide scientific updates and information to KEEs and identify the relevance of the data to the scientific community
  • Quantity Measure
    • 60% of available time spent meeting KEEs
    • Complete records of KEE visits and regular review by MAM/line manager
    • Coverage/engagement of KEEs versus KEE engagement plan
    • Improvement in KEE comprehension level
  • Quality Measure
    • Communication skills and presentation skills based on in field coaching with MAM/line manager
    • Annual MSL assessment of capabilities and scientific knowledge (using standard assessment form and methodology)
    • Feedback from KEEs. Build and maintain trust-based relationships with external stakeholders

2. Build and maintain trust-based relationships with external stakeholders

  • Build AZ relationship with key external stakeholders (e.g. patient advocacy groups, key medical organisations, hospital pharmacy). Find opportunities to collaborate with such external stakeholders.
  • Act as scientific expert in the disease area(s) by presenting therapeutic updates to external stakeholders
  • Measure
    • Positive customer feedback for medical events

3. Develop or initiate scientific programs to explore unmet medical needs in priority disease area(s)

  • Work with HCPs in scientific activities that help advance disease understanding such as:
    • Identify and recommend KEEs for Advisory Boards.
    • Identify potential speakers and train speakers as appropriate.
    • Interact in the field with the medical community in the context of various medical projects, such as clinical trials, ESRs, scientific exchange meetings
    • Discuss potential involvement in LCM such as ESRs and RWEs
    • Respond to unsolicited off label questions from KEEs
  • Able to conduct basic discussions on clinical trials in terms of study design and feasibility
  • Measure
    • Customer feedback
    • In field observation by MAM/line manager and coaching form

Medical & Scientific Support for internal stakeholders: Act as scientific expert in priority disease area(s) for internal stakeholders

  • Continuously acquire and update necessary scientific knowledge on therapeutic area and relevant compounds. 
  • Provide the AZ internal stakeholders with an understanding of the local medical community, clinical practice, trends and real or perceived gaps in current scientific knowledge and medical treatment, competitor information
  • Provide regular update on partnerships with HCPs, as speakers, or in the context of medical projects
  • Initiate and conduct appropriate AZ staff training & development on information regarding current and emerging clinical data and emerging trends in clinical medicine and practice within TA
  • Provide input for the development of company’s Medical and Brand plans
  • To work with internal cross functional team on formulary listing.
  • Provide scientific support at AZ sponsored educational events
  • Measure
    • Feedback on training from participants
    • Feedback from business partners on quality of contribution to Medical and Brand plans – collected by MAM/line manager

Personal Development: Continuously demonstrate development of scientific expertise in disease area(s) of company focus

  • Attend relevant scientific congresses and HCP meetings to gather new knowledge on AZ compounds, competitor information and therapeutic area
  • Positive engagement and response to coaching and feedback received from MAM/line manager and TA lead.
  • In daily work takes time to reflect on customer interactions and works on areas agreed with MAM/line manager as priorities for development. Develop functional capability in the role
  • Proactively demonstrate the AZ Values 
  • Identify areas for self-development and discuss developmental needs with MAM/line manager using the 70-20-10 principle (experiential learning, coaching/networking/relationship-based learning and class room training). Active participation in AZ training, projects, and meetings depending on development needs.
  • Measure
    • 100% completion of training as required on Medical Academy and SabaCloud
    • Feedback on congress report/highlights shared with cross-functional team as planned
    • Has a personal development plan and completes identified development activities as planned
    • 360 degree feedback from key internal stakeholders (optional)

Compliance : Compliance with relevant company and industry code of Conduct and also to comply with local country codes

  • Keep regular update and operate within the relevant Codes of Conduct, Ethical Interactions (EI), including GPEI and SOPs
  • Be sure to understand AZ policies when engage to KOLs and external stakeholders
  • Measure
    • 100% adherence to compliance

[Required competencies & qualifications]

  • Scientific Knowledge, Communication skill, Planning & Organization, Strategic  partnering are critical competencies
  • Master degree or pharmacist (essential)
  • 1-2 MSL experience in other pharmaceutical company (Preferred)
  • Experiences with biologics (essential)
  • Fluent English skill (preferred)
  • Ability to interact and manage a range of stakeholders both internally and externally (desirable)
  • Knowledge of legislation relevant to pharmaceutical sales and marketing (desirable)
  • Understanding of multiple aspects within Medical Affairs (desirable)

Respiratory Medical Science Liaison
Affaires médicales

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