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Lieu: , Ōsaka-fu, Japon
ID de l'offre 12408641
Date de publication: 07/01/2019


Japan EOR Medical Evidence Science leader is an expert role in clinical research to provide scientific expertise in Medical Evidence generation so that key research questions are sufficiently addressed, and all programs are planned and delivered in a way that represent cutting-edge science, methodologies, technologies, process and solutions in the industry. MESL will report to director of Data Science director, EOR and have no line management responsibilities.Strategic Evidence Planning
• Contribute to identify opportunities to generate medical evidence data to clinically differentiate AZ products based on customer perspectives and strategic brand plans / value stories
RWE Study Delivery
• Lead the application of Clinical, Epidemiology and Observational Research methodology in planning, designing, interpreting and communicating theRWE scientific studies and Medical Evidence Generation activities
RWE capability development
• Build and keep network with the related Clinical, Epidemiology and RWE key experts/stakeholders internally and externally to enable
a) the access to cutting-edge science, methodologies, technologies, processes and solutions, and b) provision of training to roles involved in evidence generations across functions




• >= 5years  hands-on leading experiences to design, analyze, interpret and publish the data from  clinical & epidemiology studies in Drug development and/or Medical Affair activities in the pharmaceutical industry or equivalent (Individual should have had the visible or leading contributions impacting on the quality of the study outcomes)
•>=5 year experience in planning, managing, and/or leading group of individuals responsible for conducting clinical/epidemiologic research, analysis of data, reading of the data for efficacy, safety, clinical effectiveness and epidemiological assessments (acceptable even if the leadership is primarily focused on the scientific features)
• Individuals should have had the publications of the clinical / epidemiological researches


On top of the mandatory experience,
• experience in reviewing, assessing and using Real-World database/source data for the research purposes to address clinical / research questions
• Networking, integrating and using EMR(electronic medical records)/EHR(electronic health record) data for the clinical / epidemiological research
• Using/applying bioinformatics methodologies to analyze medical big data / database / scientific research outcomes
• Health Technology Assessment in building models, estimating Health Care resources, analyzing the health economics/technology and crafting value propositions
• Working experience as part of Global Team irrespective the location
• Having established network/relations with experts in the field of epidemiology, public health and clinical research both in-country and overseas
• Solid working experience as a trainer or teaching in epidemiology and public health research



• PhD or Master degree in public health or equivalent
(individuals holding MD/biological/pharmaceutical science degree may be acceptable, but should have had the sufficient experience specialized in clinical development/epidemiological research )


• MD degree is desirable on top of the public health



• The ability to apply appropriate Study Design & Analytical methods to Observational / Epidemiological / Pragmatic interventional studies to combine business and scientific agenda
• The ability to lead the interpretation of the scientific data, the translation to the appropriate messaging and drafting manuscript of relevant scientific publications
• The ability to take leadership in analyzing medical evidence gap, spotting opportunities/requirements for evidence generation and integrate them into a clear evidence plan/option in the cross-functional team
• The ability to assess scientific feasibility in using/integrating databases for the research purposes
• Fundamental project management capabilities in planning, initiating and controlling the projects, and applying the tools/frameworks/concepts to drive the effectiveness/performance of project teams
• The solid communication and interpersonal skills to enable effective leadership, coaching and collaborations


On top of the mandatory skill-set above,
• The ability in designing, constructing and implementing the process/platform of database research by using EMR/EHR data
• The ability to apply the health technology assessments to see the collective advantage of the product, and HE implications for differentiation 



• Ability to practically communicate, discuss and negotiate scientific agendas with the key stakeholders and experts in English
• The ability in leading and facilitating the scientific discussions in the global meetings
• The ability in reading/writing scientific documents including protocol, analysis plan, manuscripts in English



• Learning mindset to explore what is effective, and adopt/adapt/integrate multiple perspectives
• Player mindset to believe there is a way forward and focus on what is under own control or influence to make differences

勤務地:Osaka、Tokyo is also acceptable

キャリアレベル:E、 D is also acceptable depending on the experience/competencies

【Medical】Medical Evidence Science Lead, EOR
Affaires médicales

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